Recommended Acoustic Guitars and Accessories 2022

Acoustic Guitars

Your first acoustic should be something that can be played straight out of the box. Fortunately Donner have such a guitar and it’s under the £100 bracket. I have come across several of these during lessons and they are very consistently made.

Alternatively there is the Tanglewood Crossroads guitar which is a little harder to find but is a very good starter guitar.

Going up in price is the very faithful Yamaha F310 nearly £50 more than the Donner but very reliable in quality and build.

Guitars Kids

Choosing an appropriate guitar for a child is difficult. We don’t want to spend a great deal but aslo we want something playable.

The 3/4 size 3rd Avenue nylon string guitar is perfect for a complete novice regardless of age. It’s a also good as a cheap travel guitar.

The nylon strings are perfect for beginner’s fingers – steel string guitars tend to more of an impact on the newly anointed.


Acoustic Guitar Strings:

Beginners on Acoustic should look for a Light Gauge string to build up to a heavier gauge. Perfect for finger picking as well.

If you’ve been playing for a while you could step up to Medium Lights

For strumming a slightly heavier gauge like mediums will give a much more satisfactory sound.

Nylon Strings


My personal choice is the Shubb capo. I find it the easiest and most reliable to use although I own the Adagio capo and it has served me well so far.

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