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How to Use a Guitar Tuner – Guitar Tuna Free App

How to Use a Guitar Tuner Using the Free Guitar Tuna App Learning to use a guitar tuner is a tricky one to start with. When we start learning guitar it’s not always apparent what we need to do. It is good practice to tune your guitar before every session. This means that when you […]

Crackly Guitar Pot – Fixed

Just in the process of fixing a guitar that was cutting out and narrowed it down to the Volume Pot. Tried some abrasive wiggling to see if I could fix it this way – hopefully dislodge dust, Nothing doing – started thinking maybe wd40 – none available plus it is a tad greasy. What about […]

Guitarix – Setup, Problems and Midi Controller

This post deals with setting up Guitarix on a laptop. First off why? Unfortunately inspiration can hit at the most awkward of times. Working as a guitar teacher I often work funny hours so if I need to get something down late at night or right before a lesson I need to be able to […]

Marshall JH-1 'The Jackhammer' Test

Marshall JH-1 ‘The jackhammer’ – Review and Test. The Jackhammer is a funny pedal, the controls are fiddly and  the Distortion is hopeless but the overdrive is very usable indeed. I picked mine up on ebay for a very good price. Therefore this review and test is based on the price I paid which was […]

Hiwatt Maxwatt 15 Watt Busker Amp

A while back I picked this amp up with the mind to do some busking and small gigs. In the meantime I’ve been using it during my lessons with students and so here is my review. On first opening the item and giving it a test run with a guitar and seymour duncan woody pickup […]

25% off on 10 or more backing tracks!

That’s right, theBigRed have reduced the cost of downloadable backing tracks to 49 pence – it get’s better for a short time you’ll also be able to get a discount of 25% when you buy 10 or more tracks! Just add you tracks and then enter 58F9993AD2 at the end and you’ll get your 25 […]

Boss Eband – Guitar Gadgets – Audio Interface/Jamming

Boss eBand JS-8: Audio Player/Recorder with Guitar Effects To be honest I’ve not had chance to review this item, but then again it’s Boss and you really can’t go wrong with that. Read through the specs list and see what this item is capable of doing and work it out as per seperate item and […]

Beginners Electric Guitar Pack Advice

Well it’s that time of year again, hopefully you’ve landed on this page looking for a good value Electric Guitar or Starter pack. I’ll be honest, as a guitar teacher I’m always asked what’s the best guitar to start on and how much should I spend. I always respond that you pay what you can […]

Brilliant deals @ Dolphin Music

Guitarist/Producer Complete Recording Package for Less than £80 8 Guitar and Bass Amps 19 Cabinet Models 27 Effects Pedals Also includes Metronome, Tuner and 2 Tapedecks 48 Audio Tracks & 64 MIDI Tracks 24Bit/96kHz Resolution Up to 8 VSTi’s 2 Insert Effects and 4 Send Effects per channel Software Included: Guitar Rig 4 Essential, Cubase […]