Sony walkman digital media player 16GB NWZ-A729

Sony walkman digital media player 16GB NWZ-A729 – Review
sony walkman 16gb nwz a729 mp3 player

A couple of years ago  I bought my girlfriend a samsung yh920 16gb mp3 player.

She liked it, she didn’t love it though – but it was 16gb and at the time for the princely sum of £50 on ebay it was a bargain. But she didn’t love it.

It was difficult to add songs to because of the horrible napster software crap and the fact that it couldn’t sync properly with windows media player.

Over the years she’s forlornly looked at ipods, every so often making murmurs about wanting an ipod.

Ipods in my opinion are expensive for what they are, but hey she had a birthday coming up and I said your choice but I’ll buy you an Ipod 16gb.

Then we saw the price and she baulked, she’s not stroppy or selfish when it comes to these things. I on the other hand although not flush with cash will all the same spend what I need to, when I need to.

But she couldn’t justify the cost.

I then had a flash, what about Sony?

Now we both automatically thought that Sony would be a much more expensive option.

We were very wrong.

We found the NWZ-A729 after an online search, and it was half the price of a similar spec ipod.

So ok it’s not got radio but well she had that on the samsung and never used it.

£85 seemed almost too good to be true.

When it arrived though she was blown away and I was a tad jealous having inherited the brick that is the samsung yh920.

The NWZ is extremely light, it’s thin, and it’s simple to use.

I hate Sony,

Well not quite, I have ‘issues’ with sony over mini disc but that’s a long story, if you are a musician who fell for minidisc you’ll know what I mean…

This walkman mp3 player makes up for it(well not quite grrr)

It’s good looking, easy to setup and more importantly it is easy to add songs to, just drag and drop.

Like an ipod it uses images of your songs album covers to illustrate as your scoll through.

It’s battery life is reported at 36hours for audio – since we got it we have been on a weekend road trip which entailed about 700 miles of driving and it barely hit the battery.

By all accounts it shows video but I’ve not tried that, bought it to play music. That’s it’s job really.

Besides the screen is a bit small for video.

Really can’t see the point!

I mean I’ve got a whacking great TV that I spent a fortune on why would I want to watch something on a screen so small?

I say small – it’s big enough to read and view album covers.

All in all though this MP3 player is cool as.

Sony walkman digital media player 16GB NWZ-A729 black

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