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Wireless speaker solution: Vinyl in the kitchen

Ever wanted to hear your music in another room? What if you have a record player and amplifier? Are you a separates kind guy/gal? Well that’s exactly what I was looking for and I think I’ve found it. Originally we had a sony dab radio in the kitchen, which is good enough for radio and […]

I want it – The Akai Rhythm Wolf

So I’m checking out my Facebook today and this advert comes up – The Akai Rhythm Wolf – and yes I want want – but alas there are lot’s of things that I want and unfortunately I can’t have everything that I want. Life is just that way – no complaints. But hell man, it […]

Mini Disc to MP3 Transfer

Unfortunately this tutorial does not use usb to transfer minidisc to pc but rather uses digital transfer. As a musician who threw his lot in with Mini disc when they first came out I have lots of old recordings that I would like to be able to transfer to mp3. Archiving my old recordings is […]

Sony walkman digital media player 16GB NWZ-A729

Sony walkman digital media player 16GB NWZ-A729 – Review A couple of years ago  I bought my girlfriend a samsung yh920 16gb mp3 player. She liked it, she didn’t love it though – but it was 16gb and at the time for the princely sum of £50 on ebay it was a bargain. But she […]

Samsung YH920 mp3/songs import solution

If like me bought the Samsung YH920 and have found out that Napster want you to pay for the privelige of importing your tracks to your mp3, then pull your hair out no longer sunshine, there is a solution. It might look a bit daunting but it is relatively simple. First get a copy […]