Free VST Plugin – Sweetboys Volcano Limiter/Maximizer

Sweetboys Volcano Limiter/Maximizer – Free VST Plugin

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free vst plugin - volcano maximizer and limiter

Volcano combines a peak limiter and a level maximizer.

It’s a pretty simple to use plugin having only 4 parameters:

Threshold: Controls the level of limiting. If  clipping noise occurs reduce to a smaller setting.

MaxOut: Controls the maximum level of output signal.

It’s recommended that you  leave the MaxOut setting at 0.0 dB

Release: Controls the release time of the limiter.This setting can control the amout of smoothness to the effect. If clipping occurs it’s recommended that you use a higher setting.

ARC: Automatically ARC calculates the release time. If you want use this effect for loudness it’s recommended that you turn this feature off.

What’s a nice addition to this effect is the Knob control. Getting the mouse to get smaller(fine) adjustments is usually a tricky affair. With this VST plugin though if you hold the ‘Ctrl’ key and the left click to adjust you get smaller increments allowing a fine adjustment to the setting values.

VU Meter: Range:0dB < -> -30dB

Download Volcano Limiter/Maximizer

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