Free VST Plugin – A-150 Amp Effect

Free Guitar VST Plugin.

An updated version of the A-110 the A-150  is,

‘Intended to enrich your sounds by blending both dry and wet signals, the A-150 includes a dry channel as
well as a tube-simulated channel with a compressor, 9-Band EQ & five-mode filter (three different lowpass settings, highpass and bandpass). Designed for everything from drums to guitar, bass, monosynths and electric organs / piano, the A-150 serves as an aggressive, versatile amplifier.’

free vst plugin - a-150 amp effect

Download it here

‘Included are 10 presets — some for electric guitar and electric bass guitar. As these instruments can vary in tone considerably, I thought it best to mention the instruments that I used to create them:

Guitar presets… Cort MGM-1 6 String (humbuckers, both pickups)
Bass presets… Epiphone Thunderbird IV.’

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