Evolution X-Session (not pro) – Midi Controller


Evolution X-Session UC-17

Ok so I picked this item up on ebay a couple of weeks after I bought the NanoKontrol.

It’s initial use was to be as a controller for my plugins – that said not quite got that job done yet.

—–>>>>Add tutorial here…working on it please wait…

Bugger to find drivers or any material from manufacturer – information that may help from m-audio

Connect your USB MIDI Device and Windows will install the drivers automatically.  If prompted to insert a disc or search for drivers, click Browse my computer for driver software.  On the following page click Browse and point the search for drivers to your System Drive (e.g. C:) to install the drivers.’ – Driver

Download Basic Manual

Download Advanced Manual

Download Enigma 1.2

Theres’ also an editor called ‘Enigma’ – you’ll need ver 1.2(not the x session pro version) – you can download it from here.

I can’t rememeber how I set up originally, but will be installing it on my laptop, we’ll see from there. I’ll update as I go.

From the internet I managed to gleen that the Evolution X-Session MIDI controller is basically a DJ tool that can be used to scratch, cut loops and mix tracks using a 60mm cross-fader.

It’s other features include,

1. 10 assignable buttons that allow you trigger audio loops and digital effects.

2. You can also instantly mute and un-mute tracks.

3. 16 MIDI assignable knobs that give you control over volume, panning, digital effects and other MIDI controlled synth parameters.


PC/Mac —>>>Can be connected via Midi(needs power) or USB(powered by USB)

Minimum requirement – Pentium II 400MHz 128Mb RAM, USB socket, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

With soundcard compatible with DirectX,
ASIO, Sound Manager, CoreAudio or MME.

iMac, Power Mac G3 or better with USB running OS9/OSX.
Arturia Storm XS, OSX only.

Please note that the power supply was not supplied when bought new –

Price on ebay these days is about £40 – bear in mind for that the Korg NANOKontrol is about £50 new.

Also other midi controllers are on the market – it’s worth checking them out first.


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