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Evolution X-Session (not pro) – Midi Controller

Evolution X-Session UC-17 Ok so I picked this item up on ebay a couple of weeks after I bought the NanoKontrol. It’s initial use was to be as a controller for my plugins – that said not quite got that job done yet. —–>>>>Add tutorial here…working on it please wait… Bugger to find drivers or […]

Setting Up NanoKontrol – Sonar

The following is a tutorial on mapping the Korg NanoKontrol to Sonar… If you’re looking to setup the NanoKONTROL for Reaper then click here To start check your installation of the driver is correct – Install Korg NanoKONTROL usb Driver —–>>> Setting up the NanoKontrol is quite simple really – for this tutorial I’ll be […]

Setting Up – Korg NanoKontrol – Driver

This article covers installation of the NanoKONTROL – it’s designed for the newbie and is written in such a manner. Video Guide This guide was also written as a check for the Set Up NanoKONTROL with Sonar guide If you are having problems installing the driver(usb device installed instead of Korg Driver) then scroll to […]