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M-Audio 2496 Audiophile Studio Sound Card Review

M-Audio 2496 Audiophile Studio Sound Card Review My favourite soundcard, simple and easy to set up. Never had a problem. M-Audio AUDIOPHILE-2496 PCI Digital Audio Card $99 @ Guitar Trader Open up PC find empty PCI slot insert start up pc and install software. Genius. The thing is it’s that simple, latency is great and […]

X-Session UC-17 – How to setup ACT/Sonar

Setting up the Evolution UC-17 X-Session is to be honest a right royal pain in the bum… If you’ve got one and are stuck then I sympathize. EDIT: Before you go onto the written tutorial have a look at this post, X-Session UC-17 & ACT Sonar setup FX Continue… Basically to setup in Sonar you […]

Evolution X-Session (not pro) – Midi Controller

Evolution X-Session UC-17 Ok so I picked this item up on ebay a couple of weeks after I bought the NanoKontrol. It’s initial use was to be as a controller for my plugins – that said not quite got that job done yet. —–>>>>Add tutorial here…working on it please wait… Bugger to find drivers or […]