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MT Power Drum Kit 2 in Reaper Articles

MT Power Drum Kit 2 in REAPER The following videos and articles are tutorials on how to create drum tracks in Reaper using MT Power Drum Kit – the Video below deals with using the in built midi files in MT Power Drum Kit the articles deal with using midi and piano roll. MT Power […]

Staff View for Reaper – Music Notation!

Not sure how this passed me by, maybe because I’ve waited so long for it that when it eventually hit I was looking the other way. Well it’s here, kudos to the makers of Reaper – they gone and done it. You can now switch view from Piano Roll to Staff View and edit – […]

Render / Freeze Track Reaper

To render a vst instrument or effect in Reaper frees up your CPU resources. To render or ‘freeze’ your track: choose TRACK and you will see two render options The above picture shows the ‘Stereo’ stem render option. The above picture shows the ‘Mono’ stem render option. Sometimes too many VST’s can clog up your […]

Editing Reaper – Split a track

Splitting a track in Reaper is pretty simple – Works for Midi and Audio Find the place you want to split the track, use the mouse to select the area on the work area and press ‘S’ This will then split the track as below. If you want to fix the track or connect or […]