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Resource Folder in Reaper


Where is the resource folder located? Sometimes in order in install plugins or add drum maps and other extensions we to access the resource folder in Reaper. On your menu bar look for the Options dropdown. From there look towards the bottom of the drop down and you will find Show REAPER resource path… REAPER […]

Loop and Repeat settings in Reaper


Loop/Repeat Function in Reaper Tutorial to show the different options in the Loop and Repeat settings in Reaper. In order to loop a section of audio in Reaper we need to select the area we want to repeat. To do this we can use the mouse to find a start area and right click drag […]

MT Power Drum Kit 2 in Reaper Articles

MT Power Drum Kit 2 in REAPER The following videos and articles are tutorials on how to create drum tracks in Reaper using MT Power Drum Kit – the Video below deals with using the in built midi files in MT Power Drum Kit the articles deal with using midi and piano roll. MT Power […]