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Major Scale Patterns part 1

Learning scales without Tabulature can be a quicker way to get to grips with the guitar. It will involve patterns and of course learning the notes on the strings. These patterns are useful because they are movable in the same way that a barre chord is movable. If you’ve already looked at TABS of scales […]

Notes on the ‘A’ string

This article deals with the notes on the guitar and not why you should learn them.  Why learn notes on the guitar? Notes on the ‘A’ string: Sharp notes on the ‘A’ string. Flats on the ‘A’ string. Understanding that: A# = Bb C# = Db D# = Eb F# = Gb G# = Ab […]

Notes on the bottom E string – Neck Knowledge

This lesson is focussed on the bottom E string.  In this article we are looking at how important it is to understand the relationship between the E string and Barre chords or Scales can be. The letter or the note as it should be referred to is usually called the root/tonic – in Chords or Scales […]

Notes on the guitar – Getting the Knowledge, Why?

Learning the notes on your guitar is a very important thing to do. When you play barre chords, power chords or scale patterns knowing your notes will help you find your start position or root(tonic). A good knowledge of the guitar also helps working out harmony and how to put chords together. In fact a […]

Guitar Accessories Under £100: Effects and Recording

Finding the ideal gift for the guitarist is a tricky thing to do for someone not entirely sure what they’re looking for or at. Sometimes just listening to the blah blah blah of your average guitarist as he/she talks about about that new fangled gadget or wotsamacallit can lead you nowhere. Anyway here are a […]

Guitar Accessories Under £50: Gadgets

Lookking for the perfect additional present for a guitarist sometimes tales a little exploring, that said how do you know what to look for if you’re not a guitarist yourself. Here are some ideas for presents/gifts as we lead up to christmas. Everything from guitar effects to USB recording devices to mini amps to DSP […]

Guitar Accessories Under £20: Tuners

Basically this article covers a few chistmas/birthday present ideas for the guitarist. From tuners to stands, hangers to straps and cases and anything else that would be an ideal stocking filler. Every item here is under £20. Tuners Under £10 Harley Benton GT6/200 guitar/bass tuner – LED display, integrated microphone, jack input. Includes 2x 1.5V […]

Guitar Primer: Plectrum, Fingers and TAB (pt4)

Previous article: Guitar Primer: Plectrum, Fingers and TAB (pt3) Continuation of guitar primer lesson involving how to hold plectrum, how to read tab and which fingers to use. Click above picture to play sequence… This is the TAB that is being played, A few tips to try: ‘Alternative picking’ V = Down Stroke X = […]

Guitar Primer: Plectrum, Fingers and TAB (pt3)

previous article(pt2) Hopefully you’ve read the previous free guitar lessons giving you a few ideas and tips on correctly holding your plectrum. This the 3rd article in this primer will talk about fingers in relation to TAB or tablature. —Dealing with TAB— Reading guitar tabulature: Lines = Strings The ‘Bottom E’ is the thickest string […]

Guitar Primer: Plectrum, Fingers and TAB (pt2)

previous article: Guitar Primer: Plectrum, Fingers and TAB (pt1) CLICK Once you’ve got to grips(ahem) with holding your plectrum you need to get your hand position correct when striking strings. Getting a comfortable position to stike the strings of your guitar is very important. If you look at the above picture you can see that […]