Sonuus G2M guitar to Midi – Review

Sonuus G2M guitar to Midi – Review

This review has been on the cards for some time but I held off before I’d been able to make a good enough judgement on this bit of kit.

As you can see in the pictures below the it has an Input for guitar, Midi out for PC and Thru.

The midi out requires a midi cable to connect to midi in on the pc.

Which allows you to control midi based instruments.

It also has a tuner which also allows you to make sure you guitar is in tune which in turn gives you a better response when playing.

It’s easy to set up and get going, just connect to your midi in port and choose that input when using your DAW.

I use Sonar 7 but understand that any other DAW such as Cubase or Reaper will work in the same way.

The following comes from the Sonuus website,

‘The G2M™ is a simple-to-use, highly effective, guitar-to-MIDI converter. It is “Universal” because it doesn’t need a special pick-up mounted on your guitar, but instead simply connects to your guitar like any other effects pedal or tuner.

Designed to give accurate triggering, with low-latency, it is a true plug-and-play solution for monophonic MIDI guitar. It can be used to sequence bass lines and guitar solos add an edge to your live performances — it opens up many creative possibilities.’

73.99 @ Dolphin Music

When I was first investigated this device I was sold on the monophonic part of the device knowing that this was a limitation but at the price who can complain.

My sole intention was to use it in that way.

It’s perfect for synth lines, bass parts but best of all with string, wind and brass instruments.

Latency is not an issue, but I have noticed that some VST plugins work better than others, I have no idea why this is.

As a guitar teacher I was looking with one eye at TABULATURE writing but also with caution.

Writing TAB with this device is a non starter, it doesn’t know which string or fret your playing it just recognises the note itself which is great for score writing but for TAB makes it pointless.

But afterall writing TAB is easy with something like powertab so not a big issue for me.

If you’re looking at this device purely for that purpose leave it well alone.

If you’re looking for something to control monophonic instruments then this is perfect for you.

It’s great fun and saves time for those of use who have limited keyboard skills.

Melody playing is easy to do and it has a fast response and is pretty accurate.

Bending, vibrato and slide all depend on the instrument being controlled and it does take some getting used to.

All in all it’s worth the price tag as a tool in the studio or as just another toy to have giggles with.

I don’t use it everyday or for that matter every week but I’m happy knowing that it’s there when I need it.

Treat it as another pedal and your’e laughing.

73.99 @ Dolphin Music

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