A Minor Natural Lesson pt 1

The A(aeolian) minor Natural scale is created using the notes of C major.

C majors notes: C D E F G A B C

If we count up to the 6th note, in this case A we get the start of the ‘Relative’ minor scale.

We then spell out the scale starting with A then proceed with the rest of the notes from C major scale in order.


This scale is also known as the ‘Aeolian’ mode.

From this scale we can give our melodies or solos a minor flavour.

We can also get out pentatonic minor from this scale by removing the 2nd and 6th notes, in this case the B and F.

The TABs below are 1 octave each with 3 variations

Also the notes for each has been written out beneath the relative note and above where it is on each string.

As always when practicing use alternative picking and keep your notes even and clean.

Also try playing the scales backwards and listen to the notes and intervals as you play.

To download right click and save as

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