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Brilliant Acoustic Guitar for beginner/intermediate

Just had a try of the Vintage V300 acoustic guitar and must say it’s a brilliant bity of wood. Looks very tidy as well. Perfect for beginner and intermediate guitarists looking for a cheaper end acoustic. It’s priced at £119 @ dolphin music Vintage® V300 Acoustic Series Top: Solid Spruce Back: Nato Laminate Sides: Nato […]

Sonuus G2M guitar to Midi – Review

Sonuus G2M guitar to Midi – Review This review has been on the cards for some time but I held off before I’d been able to make a good enough judgement on this bit of kit. As you can see in the pictures below the it has an Input for guitar, Midi out for PC […]

Ready for Christmas – Acoustic Guitars under £150

Washburn D10S Ideal first Acoustic Guitar for Christmas £ [email protected] The World’s Best Selling Acoustic Guitar earned the distinction with superior craftsmanship, tone and value. Now with a solid spruce top. Also available in left handed version. Dreadnought Solid Spruce Top Mahogany sides/back Mahogany Neck with trussrod Rosewood fingerboard and bridge Natural/buffed gloss body Stained […]

A Minor Natural Lesson pt 1

The A(aeolian) minor Natural scale is created using the notes of C major. C majors notes: C D E F G A B C If we count up to the 6th note, in this case A we get the start of the ‘Relative’ minor scale. We then spell out the scale starting with A then […]

D Minor Pentatonic lesson

D Minor Pentatonic – Scales Notes: D F G A C D Practice over backing tracks in F Major/Dminor. Ideal practice for guitarists learn different positions, below are some ideas for variation of position. Play without introducing rhythm, that is at a steady pace keeping each note the same length. When comfortable in one position […]

Choosing a Delay Pedal

Over the last week or so I’ve been looking into delay pedals. I’ve tried to way up the options by watching countless youtube videos and read tons of reviews. Problem is all the pedals I’ve looked at have their own neat little tricks. I’m also working within a budget so finding the right one that […]

Notes on the ‘D’ string

This article deals with the notes on the guitar and not why you should learn them.  Why learn notes on the guitar? Notes on the ‘D’ string: Highlighted in Red Sharp notes on the ‘D’ string. Flat notes on the ‘D’ string. D# = Eb F# = Gb G# = Ab A# = Bb C# […]

Free Online Metronome

Simple Metronome created using Flash MX that works in increments of 10 starting from 60 BPM up to 210 BPM.

D Minor Arpeggio

As I’ve previously stated Arpeggios are excellent exercises for both fingers and mind. When playing them on guitar they break up the tendency to play scalic patterns. Also there are techniques involved that can push your playing further. You can either do alternative picking or sweep picking: V = Down Stroke X = Up Stroke […]

Major Scale Patterns part 2

Following on from my previous article Major Scale Patterns Part 1 I’m going to show you three other Major scale patterns. It is recommended that you read that article first. The first of these patterns is an alternative to the previous articles ‘E’ string based pattern. The suggested fingers for this pattern are: 1st, 2nd […]