Brilliant deals @ Dolphin Music

Guitarist/Producer Complete Recording Package for Less than £80

8 Guitar and Bass Amps
19 Cabinet Models
27 Effects Pedals
Also includes Metronome, Tuner and 2 Tapedecks
48 Audio Tracks & 64 MIDI Tracks
24Bit/96kHz Resolution
Up to 8 VSTi’s
2 Insert Effects and 4 Send Effects per channel

Software Included: Guitar Rig 4 Essential, Cubase LE4

Session I/O Interface
24 Bit/192kHz Cirrus Logic Convertors
Mic Input with 48v Phantom Power
2 Line/Hi-Z inputs
2 Line Outputs with Level Control
Headphone Out with Seperate Level Control
Sturdy Aluminium Construction

Dolphin Music £79

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