Black Friday Plugin Deals: Waves SSL E-Channel $29.99

Waves SSL E-Channel

Black Friday Plugin Deals $2999

Black Friday Plugin Deals

The SSL E-Channel Black Friday Plugin Deals. The SSL-E delivers the incomparable sound of the Solid State Logic 4000-series console’s all-discrete design and its Class A, VCA chip. It’s a slice of the world’s greatest hitmaking machine, in your computer.

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SSL E-Channel $29.99

Waves Free Plugin Offer

The equalization section of the SSL E-Channel is based on the renowned Black Knob equalizer, developed in 1983 with legendary producer George Martin. It features a High Pass Filter, Low Pass Filter, and a four-band parametric equalizer.

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SSL E-Channel $29.99

The dynamics section features a soft-knee compressor / limiter and an expander/gate modeled on the SSL LS611E. Like the original, it can be placed before or after the equalization section, and makeup gain is automatically applied to maintain a steady output level.

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Also included in the SSL4000 Collection $114.99

SSL Collection:

  • Four plugins modeled on the legendary SSL 4000 mixing consoles
  • Includes the EQ and dynamics sections of the SSL 4000 E and G series consoles
  • Developed under license from Solid State Logic

The SSL4000 Collection $114.99

Studio Classics Collection $194,99 – Includes the SSL E-Channel

  • 10 meticulously-modeled audio plugins
  • Based on the gear that helped make recording history
  • Includes SSL 4000 Collection, V-Series and The API Collection

When it comes to audio hardware modeling, Waves sets the standard to which others aspire. Our plugins don’t just mimic components and circuit schematics; they recreate every last nuance of actual hardware behavior.

The big budget studio sound.
The consoles that made music history.
Together, in one collection.

Studio Classics Collection $194,99

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