Free VST Plugin – 4Front VSTi Piano

Free VST Plugin – 4Front VSTi Piano,

Free VSTi 4front piano

A really simple plugin really – no fancy gui and no presets and why should it?

4fronts Piano VSTi is a small and versatile piano module

4front claims that unlike many other piano modules notably the monster gigabyte pianos, this module will never overload CPU. A bold claim to make really because nothing is guaranteed is it?

That said though the 4front piano is a great sounding VSTi and it’s free.

No bells, no whistles it is what it is a vst piano plugin and a bloody cool one at that.

According to 4Front this piano VSTi is neither sample based or synthesized.

Instead It’s a hybrid technology, that combines both methods.

The result being a great module that’s small in size and is light on your CPU.

Download it for free here

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