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Free VST Instrument – Piano

Looking for a set of free piano vst instruments? Then look no further than Safwan Matnis free VST plugins here On the site are inluded the folloing free downloads. General Acoustic Piano Goldentine Electric Piano Baby Grand Piano Module. A premium Grand Piano Module. Bar Piano like sound. Check them out here

Free VST Plugin – 4Front Rhode VSTi

Free VST Plugin – 4Front Rhode module/instrument, There are two versions of this VST instrument, the above being the basic version. This plugin is at heart a vintage Rhodes/Wurly type piano module with a gentle overdrive added. The 4Front Rhode VSTi aims to reproduce the classic sound similar to Rhodes/Wurlitzer pianos. This module is not […]

Free VST Plugin – 4Front VSTi Electric Piano

4Front VSTi Electric Piano – Free Plugin Instrument Like the Bass and Piano plugins that 4Front offer for free download the Electric piano has no settings or presets. It’s just a simple Electric Piano VST instrument. And it sounds great. The E-Piano VSTi has a rich, warm and silky sound. The module as with the […]

Free VST Plugin – 4Front VSTi Piano

Free VST Plugin – 4Front VSTi Piano, A really simple plugin really – no fancy gui and no presets and why should it? 4fronts Piano VSTi is a small and versatile piano module 4front claims that unlike many other piano modules notably the monster gigabyte pianos, this module will never overload CPU. A bold claim […]