New: Free RM1x Drum Synth VST Rompler from Untidy Music

New: Free Drum Synth VST Rompler from Untidy Music

New from untidy music RM1zDrum Synth VST.

Free to download newly minted VST Drum Synth/Rompler.

Sampled from RM1x Groovebox build your own kit.

Available to download here


RM1x Drum Synth VST

Reaper Drum Mapping

Free Drum VST

Kick = (36) C2

Snare = (38) D2

Closed Hi Hat = (42) F#2

Open Hi Hat = (44) G#2

Pedal = (46) A#2

Tom 1 = (41) F2

Tom 2 = (43) G2

Tom 3 = (45) A2

Cymbal = (48) C3

Perc = (50) D3

Claps = (52) E3

New Drum VST Rompler from Untidy Music

Free to download but donations welcome.

Available to download here

Instrument made with Synthedit using 16 bit samples sampled from working Yamaha RM1x groovebox.

Also available on this site free Decent Sampler instrument downloads from the same machine.

RM1x Drum Synth VST Sample Recording

All samples recorded in Reaper via LA Audio MLX2 Preamp into M-Audio Delta 1010.

Samples normalised and trimmed.

The samples then imported into Polyphone keymapping.

Exported to SF2 to be used with Synthedit.

Individual Outputs for mixing and processing.


Free VST Plugin RM1x – Free Plugin

Yawaha RM1z – Yamaha RM1x Free VST Plugin




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