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New: Free RM1x Drum Synth VST Rompler from Untidy Music

New: Free Drum Synth VST Rompler from Untidy Music New from untidy music RM1zDrum Synth VST. Free to download newly minted VST Drum Synth/Rompler. Sampled from RM1x Groovebox build your own kit. Available to download here   Reaper Drum Mapping Free Drum VST Kick = (36) C2 Snare = (38) D2 Closed Hi Hat = […]

Free Drum VST Plugins

Free Drum VST Plugins 10 Free Drum vst plugins for your DAW. The plugins below are absolute must have VST plugins for your DAW. Sitala free drum sampler. Sitala Free VST Drum Sampler Untidy Music: RM1X Free Drum VST New: Free RM1x Drum Synth VST Rompler from Untidy Music The MT Power Drum Kit The […]

Free VST Drum Plugins: ErsDrums

Another free VST drum to add to your instrument plugins folder is the ErsDrums from Andreas Ersson. ErsDrums is a VST 2.3 compatible drum machine. All sounds are calculated in “real time”, no samples are used. Features: Two Kicks Two Snares Two Blipps One Clap One Claves One Hihat (Open/Closed) One Crash Individual output channels […]

Free Drum VST: CM-505 well almost.

Another great reason to get Computer Music magazine is the CM-505. ‘The CM-505 is a 24 note-polyphonic VST drum synthesizer. The instrument is designed specifically for creating synthetic drum sounds; no samples are used to create its sounds, not even a single cycle. The sounds created by the CM-505 have their roots in classic analogue drum […]

Free VST Drum Sampler: Loopazoid

Loopzazoid by NextSoft is my favourite Drum Sampler VST, It’s not out of the box because you need to create your own kits. If like me you’ve got shed loads of drum samples it’s really easy to set up a kit. Your samples though will probably need converting as Loopazoid only accepts samples at 16bit. […]