Duet – Double Tracking VST plugin

Last month my Computer Music Magazine came plopping through the door just as I was on my way off on holiday, when I finally got back I hardly read it.

But then I saw a name on the front cover that I recoginsed from previous issues.

Martin Eastwood, creator of CompressiveCM, a fantastic compression plugin exclusively offered with Computer Music Magazine.

The new plugin is called ‘Duet’  an automatic double-tracking/harmonizer effect that can be used as a VST plugin.

‘By independently pitch-shifting the left and right inputs, Duet allows audio pitch to be manipulated in real-time, while still maintaining the time duration. By also delaying the re-pitched audio and altering its pan position, Duet can accurately create the illusion of multiple voices and add a luscious texture to your music.

This allows you to enhance vocals and instruments, such as guitars, by thickening the sound and adding a rich glossy sheen to your music. Happy harmonizing’ – Martin Eastwood

Get Computer Music Magazine here.

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