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Free Filter Plugin VST and AU

Filterjam Multiband Resonant Filter Resonant Freebie Filterjam is a multi-band resonant filter delivering weird ringmod-like filtered sounds. The input signal is divided into 4 bands that are then summed or multiplied together according to the selected mode. Filterjam can be very harsh or gentle, it can add brightness or depth to synth sounds, but it can […]

New Waves Plugin the SSL EV2 Channel 

New Waves Plugin the SSL EV2 Channel The Waves SSL EV2 Channel is a brand-new emulation of the classic SSL 4000E console channel strip, fully authorized by Solid State Logic. It uses new analog modeling technology to create a new level of analog richness and detail. This is not a simple revision of the old Waves SSL E channel. It is a completely new plugin, re-modeled from the ground up. New features: –The new Brown Knob – this is new to the SSL EV2, […]

Free Plugin Bezerk from Waves and Reason

Free Plugin Bezerk from Waves and Reason Free Plugin Bezerk from waves Get it here free Also check out Waves free plugin and Black Friday Sales Reason Studios and Waves have teamed up to give you an awesome plugin, completely FREE. Berzerk is the go-to plugin for deranged creative distortion effects. Go wild with distortion […]

IK Multimedia Sale 50% off MAXTACULAR Sale

IK Multimedia Sale 50% off in the IK Multimedia Sale. MAXtacular music software promotion – Up to 50% off new and select MAX bundles Total VI MAX virtual instrument bundle Total Studio 3.5 MAX bundle music production software bundle More Deals: Brainworx bx_masterdesk classic FREE!!! Slate Digital Free Sample Packs Free Waves Plugin IK Multimedia […]

Free Analog Waveforms Instrument Decent Sampler

Free Analog Waveforms Instrument The Free Analog Waveforms Instrumentis a virtual instrument that uses at its core a sample set of a genuine analog synthesizer. You will need the Decent Sampler plugin at Decent Samples. Decent Sampler is a FREE sampling plugin that allows you to play samples in the Decent Sampler format. Each basic […]

Free Waves Plugin and Great Deals for Black Friday

Black Friday Sale and Free Plugin Sign Up Now This Black Friday Waves are releasing a BRAND NEW PLUGIN: Sign up now to get it FREE! get this Free Waves Plugin now. Platinum is an extraordinary collection of 60 audio plugins. From dynamics, equalization and reverb to pitch correction, spatial imaging, harmonic enhancement and beyond, […]

Brainworx bx_Masterdesk Classic Free

Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic Free Free Mastering chain VST Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic Free. Use code: BX-FOR-FREE (expires November 24) Until November 24: Get bx_masterdesk Classic for FREE! Use Code: BX-FOR-FREE This plugin is included in our Mix & Master and MEGA Bundle at no extra cost! Crafting great sounding masters has never been easier bx_masterdesk Classic gives you the sound […]

Free Delay VST plugins for Reaper and other DAWs

Some great Free Free Delay VST plugins to download Get these fantastic Free Delay VST plugins listed below for your projects. Install for dll install from exe Install for Windows ValhallaFreqEcho Freq Echo is perfect for dub, Dr. Who, and all of your psychedelic needs. Bode-Style Frequency Shifter + Analog Echo Emulation create surprising sonic […]

Free Reverb VST Plugins that you must have

Free to Download Reverb Plugins. Reverb Effects are a valuable part of any Musician’s music making process. These plugins are some of the best Free Reverb VST Plugins that you must have. Remember to please support these developers in any way you can if you get a lot of use out of any of these […]

Free VST Chorus FX and How to Create Chorus in Reaper

Free to Download VST and AU Chorus FX plugins List of Free VST Chorus FX plugin effects. How to install dll file How to install plugins from exe How to install plugins in windows Chorus is an audio effect that occurs when individual sounds with approximately the same time, and very similar pitches, converge and are perceived as […]

Sforzando – Free VST Soundfont player plugin Tutorial

Looking for a free no nonsense alternative to Kontakt or Sampletank? We know that the costs of some of the big boy software can be a barrier – where do we find free sounds? How do I get started? Can I just find a simple rompler that allows me to build a free usable sound […]

Free Compression VST: 5 Must have Plugins

MCompressor A powerful compressor with custom processing shape and many other unique features. MCompressor provides refined compression. It features an adjustable compression shape, giving you the power to create dynamic sound effects, and a range of up-sampling options for a crystal clear sound. Product Page More Info The MCompressor comes included in the: MFreeFXBundle The biggest and most […]

IK Multimedia T-Racks Tascam Tape Collection

Pro-level recording for everyone T-RackS TASCAM Tape Collection For over 50 years, TEAC recorders have empowered countless musicians to create and record themselves. Used on everything from basement demos to platinum albums, these devices offer iconic warmth and character known the world over. Join IK as we celebrate TASCAM’s 50th anniversary with the T-RackS TASCAM® Tape […]

Top 3 Must Have Free VST EQ Plugins + 1 Extra

Tokyo Dawns’ TDR Nova NOVA is a parallel dynamic equalizer. Appearing in the familiar layout of a parametric equalizer, each band also includes a full featured dynamics section allowing the processor to cover an impressively wide range of applications. Be it a master lacking density, the drum bus asking for more crispiness, or a sibilance […]

Drum Synth 500 only £8.95 – Get free Plugin Levels or Balancer

Drum Synth 500 Virtual Instrument by AIR Music Technology Building upon Air Music Technology’s heritage of creating Strike—considered “The reference Drum Instrument” for Avid Protools—Air has teamed up with music legends Akai Professional and Alesis Drums to carry on this legacy of excellence. In the style of the popular 500 series synth modules comes an all new […]