Getting Started

So ok, you’ve got your PC setup and you’ve chosen your Audio/Midi package.

Where do you go from here?

Well, first it’s an idea to setup your pc the best you can.

Optimising your pc is the first step I would recommend – follow the link to an article here.


Next you need to get to grips with your software – best to start with a simple idea.

Whenever I’ve started with a new software I’ve found the best way is to tinker – and it’s advisable to save backups of any song you tinker with – a good plan is to noodle an idea – that way your not trying to record your greatest material with the risk of it going pear shaped.

A few days/weeks commited to learning your software is invaluable – but one step at a time, it’s pointless learning the ins and outs of mastering or mixing when you’ve just got to grips with recording.

Forget about the internet for hosting you music as well.

Until you’ve got something that you’re happy with then keep it to yourself – there is an argument that some sites offer invaluable feedback – that may be the case, sometimes, but usually it’s feedback that will cloud your judgement and confuse you.

It is an idea to get involved in forums, but choose wisely, choose one that’s appropriate to what you want to do.

The studio-central forums are probably a good start – here

Now here’s the skinny, flame wars and goading – as someone who will admit to being involved in flame wars – it’s easy to do – counter productive though.

Name calling is kid’s stuff really – if you’re polite with out being limp and helpful without being borish then they can be of a huge help.

Being needy and constantly demanding help with everything, without thanking those who help you will result in forum members getting the hump with you.

Remember nobody has to help you.

Forums can lead to collaborations, feedback and information – use them wisely.


Join the forums of the software you use – it’s suprising how many people encounter the same problem.

Rather than post a new query, search, it’s quicker and doesn’t bog the site down – if you are unable to find the answer you need then post.

A few tips – be obvious and detailed.

  • The post title should outline the problem.
  • List your pc setup, sound card, software etc.
  • Insert screenprints of your problem if possible.
  • State what it is you want to do/tried to do.
  • Be polite
  • DO NOT USE CAPITAL LETTERS – it’s annoying.
  • Thankanyone who helps
  • Don’t get into encounters with anyone being rude/abusive/unhelpful – it’s a waste of time – ignore them – the more you ignore them the more it’ll rankle them.

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