Recording and Midi

So you’ve decided on your setup, now you need the software to record –

So far I’ve seen two packages available, both are free to use.

Reaper – A multi track audio package – rewired, vst support – midi support.

Reaper ( – is an outstanding peice of kit – a 64 bit audio engine, with built in effects, multiband eq, compressor, reverb and real time pitch correction.

It has unlimited track capabilities, small download and easy installation.

I’ve used reaper – the only fault I’ve found is a minor gripe – the use of a staff view.

It’s a minor gripe really as there is a piano roll – although pretty basic.

The software is not entirely free – it is shareware – an uncrippled evaluation is there for you to try.

Try it out, if it’s all that you need then pay for it – there are two licenses.

“The normal price for REAPER is $225.00 USD, however for users who wish to use REAPER only for non-commercial use we offer reduced price licensing for $50.00 USD. Upgrades from non-commercial licenses to full (commercial) licenses are available.” – reaper.


The second piece of software I’ve found came recommended in Computer Music Magazine.

The software is called MU.LAB ( – it similar capabilities as reaper but the free version is limited to only 8 tracks.

That said 8 tracks for anyone just starting is more than enough.

If that is not enough MU.LAB unlimited is available at only 39 euros.

Now that is excellent value.


Both of the packages above are updated frequently and offer support and a forum, sometimes invaluable if you are having problems.

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