Jargon Busting – Latency

Latency – is something you’ll hear a lot about.

It is basically the delay in analogue sound being converted to digital.

It works like this – analogue signal(mic/guitar) input – converts to digital in recording – output then converts back to digital – this can cause a delay.

This delay can be seen in monitored recording.

For example if you record a track without monitoring chances are you will not suffer any latency.

The problem usually comes when monitoring the recording.

The times I’ve seen it occur most is when using VST fx.

If you use monitoring to record when you play you will feel the delay, and playing to anything recorded or sequenced will be impossible to play along to.

ASIO is one of the methods to fixing this – although sometimes a lot of tinkering will be involved to get the correct results.

Latency can be caused by a combination of sound card and drivers – updated drivers is usually your best course of action.

Windows own drivers MME are considered to be the worst offenders when it comes to latency.

Most decent sound card come with ASIO drivers – these can in most cases solve latency problems.

Sometimes is best to search latency problems on the net and stating which software you are using – problems can be quite straight forward to fix.

Wireless internet can cause problems – clicks and drag – so disable it while recording.

Also any software running that doesn’t need to be.

Defragging is also an option – as is optimising your PC.

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