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Reaper and Roland MC-303 instrument banks

If you’ve ever wanted to have better access to the Roland MC-303 and it’s instruments using Reaper you can do it via the ReaControlMIDI plugin and the ins files available to download below. I forget where I got these files originally and would like to put a link – if they are yours I apologise […]

New Track – Billy Pilgrim

Quite long piece of music this, influenced by John Carpenter and then some added twists of my own. Equipment, Plugins and Apps used: Guitars – V-Amp Pro and CLA Guitars by Waves Roland MC-303 – Just checking out to some sounds really, used in sound module mode. Synths and pads mosly. EA-1 – Bass synth […]

Reaper – Midi Clock Sync – Success!

For  a while now I have been trying without success to get three external sequencers to sync with Reaper. Korg EA-1, Korg Es-1 and Roland M-303 Using midi options and options. Whilst It works to a degree it isn’t ideal – timing is off and looping is out of the question. If you press play […]