New Track – Billy Pilgrim

Quite long piece of music this, influenced by John Carpenter and then some added twists of my own.

Equipment, Plugins and Apps used:

Guitars – V-Amp Pro and CLA Guitars by Waves

Roland MC-303 – Just checking out to some sounds really, used in sound module mode.

Synths and pads mosly.

EA-1 – Bass synth – 2nd time using this synth and not quite used to it.

ES-1 – Sampled the MC-303’s 909 drums and sequenced via sequencer_megababy in Reaper due to the fact I couldn’t get it synced properly.

Also did some extra drums using the Korg Gadget app which I then exported as audio in imported into Reaper where needed.

More an experiment than a piece of music – wanted to see how long I could stretch a simple idea and how useful these older units can be.


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