M-Audio 2496 Audiophile Studio Sound Card Review

M-Audio 2496 Audiophile Studio Sound Card Review

M-Audio 2496 Audiophile Studio Sound Card

My favourite soundcard, simple and easy to set up. Never had a problem.

M-Audio AUDIOPHILE-2496 PCI Digital Audio Card $99 @ Guitar Trader

Open up PC find empty PCI slot insert start up pc and install software.


The thing is it’s that simple, latency is great and the signal is clear, dependent on incoming signal quality of course.

Used it with Sonar, Reaper, Audition and Wavelab with no problems.

Let’s face it as well at just under sixty notes it’s not too bad price wise.

So yeah these days USB and Firewire cards are all the rage but they take up desktop space.

If you’ve got a tower why not?

Well I suppose it’s downside is that if you only use PC based instruments and record with one mic at a time then a usb/firewire device is probably more desireable.

But then if you want more flexibilty and a mixing desk then the 2496 is just the job.

‘The Audiophile 2496 embodies a quantum leap in computer audio fidelity and performance unequalled by other audio cards in its price range. This critically acclaimed PCI card features premium digital audio converters, elegant board design and ultra-stable drivers just like the rest of the Delta line, but with a simpler I/O configuration.

As a member of the Delta family, the Audiophile 2496 supports all computer platforms and major software programs, ensuring seamless integration and rock-solid performance. See why the Audiophile 2496 is one of the best-selling digital audio cards in the industry.

“How does it sound? In a word, stunning. This has to be one of the best sounding cards we’ve had in for review…” — Computer Music’

M-audio Audiophile 2496 @ Dolphin Music £54.95

M-Audio Audiophile 2496 @ Gear 4 Music £61.00

M-Audio Audiophile 2496 PCI Digital Audio Card $99 @ Musicians Friends

M-Audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard @ Amazon


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