New Creepy weird tracks for Halloween

In my ongoing Halloween music project I have to new tracks to add to my Halloween playlist.

The two new tracks are:


Sharp Little Knives:

Both tracks were recorded using Reaper.


A simple piano motif using combined with the UAD Moog filter plugin to give the air of moving it works I think.

All the Pads and keyboards are from the Yamaha TG-55 sound module.

Basses are created using the Korg EA-1

Drums are a combination of sampled 909 from the Roland MC-303 which were then imported into the Korg ES-1.

That’s it really – bit of reverb from UAD RealVerb and limiting via Precision Limiter.

Just 10+ minutes of noodling.

Nothing spectacular – oh I almost forgot some guitar – couldn’t resist.

Behringer V-Amp pro guitar fx.

All Bass and Drum sequences were done using the ES-1 and EA-1 sequencer synced to Reaper – The TG-55 was sequenced via Reaper. Mostly played in live with very little editing as I wanted that 1980’s vibe.

Sharp Little Knives

Two chords for the most part.

Lots of Chorus – to give it that horrible detuned sound.

Drums again the 909 samples vis the ES-1 – filtered to take out some of the bottom end so that the more live sounding drums from Kontakt Abbey Road would have more beef.

Keyboard sounds come from the Yamaha TG-55 again.

Guitars recorded through the V-amp pro.

Bass guitar recorded dry with a little compression.

Horrible distorted drums – Kontakt Abbey Road again driven through CamePhat plugin.

Drums sequenced in two ways:-

ES-1 via internal sequencer and synced

Kontakt Drums sequenced using Sequencer_Megababy plugin.


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