Ubuntu Studio – Read first.

I’ve been interested in linux for over 2 years and have occasionly contemplated installing.

Until recently that thought popped out of my head until I saw Ubuntu Studio in computer music magazine.

I decided to give it a crack.

As I use xp I decided to dual boot.

Yup it’s 3 days later and I’m still here.

The problem seems to be my hastiness ha ha.

Or maybe it’s bleedin difficult.

Whatever, I’m still setting up.

Now don’t let me put you off.

I’m determined to get this done and following will be an idiots guide to getting it done.

My interest in this software is to be honest at the point where my OCD has decided to take over.


1. Back Up everything important – if unsure back up everything.

I mean it – no joking – I’ve lost fully recorded songs when I’ve decided to ‘do the stupid’.


2. Only commit to doing this if you’re sure you want to try it. Personally I’m an idiot and pretty cavaliar when it comes to my computer. If you struggle with installing xp then give it a miss. If you’re happy with your setup then seriously think about it. I’ve been at this for 3 days with no joy. Yet I’m still plodding on cos, well cos I’m an idiot.

Installation Guide

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