IK Multimedia T-Racks Tascam Tape Collection

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T-RackS TASCAM Tape Collection

For over 50 years, TEAC recorders have empowered countless musicians to create and record themselves. Used on everything from basement demos to platinum albums, these devices offer iconic warmth and character known the world over.

Join IK as we celebrate TASCAM’s 50th anniversary with the T-RackS TASCAM® Tape Collection. Give your tracks those beloved vintage vibes with 4 officially certified versions of their most sought-after units, using IK’s award-winning analog tape modeling technology.


The magical all-in-one analog studio for T-RackS.

T-RackS TASCAM Tape Collection

The TASCAM 388 was a large format studio in one unit. It featured a standard mixer with full faders along with a tape machine section, which could perform 8-track multi-track recording. The sound of the 388 is described as “magic” by many musicians, becoming legendary over the years.

The bestselling multi-track tape deck for T-RackS.

TASCAM literally invented affordable and portable recording in 1979 with the super innovative TEAC 144, followed by the TASCAM 244. But actually, it was the TASCAM PORTA ONE that became the bestselling Portastudio ever and led to a revolution in home and mobile recording.

The original mastering tape machine for T-RackS.

The TEAC A-6100 was one of the first tape machines ever made for the sole purpose of mastering. During the development, we interviewed the original product designer who explained how TEAC engineered the A-6100 in 1973 to be the most reliable and best-sounding mastering deck possible.

The versatile quadraphonic tape machine for T-RackS.

The TEAC 3340S 4-channel Simul-Sync® tape deck was part of the second generation of their Creator series. With Permalux® heads for excellent frequency response, low distortion and resistance to wear, the 3340S was the most versatile quadraphonic tape deck at the time.

  • Works within the T-RackS CS Standalone application and as plug-in
  • High-quality oversampling
  • High-precision and high-transparency digital processors
  • Accurately analog-modeled vintage classic devices
  • Full-latency compensation support
  • Supports sampling rates up to 192 kHz
  • DSM™ and SCC™ proprietary IK technologies for extremely accurate digital models of analog hardware devices
  • Native compatibility with 64-bit applications and operating systems

T-RackS TASCAM Tape Collection

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