Roland VS880 CTRLR Panel Midi Control -Jog Wheel/Data Wheel

Roland VS880 Daw Midi Control

Having acquired a VS880 recently I found that the jog/data wheel is not very responsive and as it is a very important factor in using this unit I decided to take a look into the Sysex control elements.

A lot of work has gone into this, it’s not perfect and doesn’t look pretty, some elements may not even work properly – I will fix those as I come across them.

So far these panels should control:

  • Both FX1 and FX2 parameters.
  • You should be able to name your project.
  • Adjust BPM.
  • Route FX.
  • Arm, Solo and Mute tracks.
  • Adjust EQ Settings and change from 2 band to 3 band.

I am currently using this unit as a midi controller and effects unit.

I’ll update the site with my workflow when I have time and am happy with my settings.

Please bear in mind the amount of time this project has taken so far and how big a job it has been – if you do find a bug or need help leave a comment below – be polite – I will not respond to rudeness.

This is a free download.

Two files: One for FX1 and all midi functions added so far and One for FX2 only

You will need to change midi out to your device.



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