Save Write Patch Roland D-110

Save Write Patch Roland D-110

How to save write a patch on the Roland D-110

1. Patch Writing

A Patch you have made will be erased by selecting a different Patch. To retain the Patch.

[Patch Writing Procedure]

Follow the Patch Writing procedure.
Turn the unit to the Patch Select or Patch Edit mode, then do as follows.

Step 1.

Push WRITE/COPY button.

The Display shows the Patch Number currently selected .

Step 2.

Assign the destination Patch Number (= location) where you wish to write the source Patch.

Assign an Internal/Memory Card with PARAMETER/GROUP ( [icon name=”chevron-up” prefix=”fas”] [icon name=”chevron-down” prefix=”fas”]).
Choose a Bank with PARAMETER/BANK ( [icon name=”chevron-up” prefix=”fas”] [icon name=”chevron-down” prefix=”fas”]).

Number with VALUE/NUMBER ( [icon name=”chevron-up” prefix=”fas”] [icon name=”chevron-down” prefix=”fas”]).

Step 3.


The Display responds as below to confirm if the destination Patch Number is correct.

Step 4.

If it is correct, push WRITE/COPY.
If the Memory Protect function is set to ON, the Display responds with:

  • To leave the writing mode, push EXIT. The Display will return to its previous condition, before any writing procedure was taken.
    When the Patch is written into memory, the Display shows as below for a while, then returns to its previous condition, before any writing procedure was taken.

Step 5.

Push EXIT twice to return to the Play mode.
If you call a Patch you have written, the relevant Patch number will be shown at the position where a Timbre number is normally shown.

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