Roland D-110: Reverb Settings

Roland D-110: Reverb Settings

The D-110 features a built-in digital reverb. By changing the values of the Reverb parameters various reverb effects can be used.

Step 1.

Step 2.

Push EDIT.

The Display shows all the Patch Parameters.

Step 3.

Using the PARAMETER/GROUP ( [icon name=”chevron-up” prefix=”fas”] [icon name=”chevron-down” prefix=”fas”]). to select the parameter to be edited.
The ·Reverb parameters are:

  1. Reverb Type
  2. Reverb ·Time
  3. Reverb Level

Roland D-110: Reverb Settings

Step 4.

Change the value using VALUE/NUMBER buttons.

Step 5.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4.

Step 6.

When finished, push EXIT twice to return to the Play mode.


Reverb Type:

This selects one of the following Reverb Types shown below.

Roland D-110: Reverb Settings

Reverb Time: 

This sets the reverberation time. 1 to 8 are valid, higher values making longer times.

  • When the Reverb Type is set to Delay, Delay Time can be controlled with the Reverb Time Parameter.

Reverb Level:

This sets the depth of reverb effect. 0 to 7 are valid, higher values deepening the effect.

  • When the Reverb Level parameter is set to 0, no reverb effect is obtained

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