Roland D110 – Patch Name Editing

Roland D110 – Patch Editing Part 1

Roland D110 – Patch Name Editing – A Patch consists of Timbres assigned to Parts 1-8

Each PART can have Level and Pan and Reverb setting assigned to a it.

The D·110’s internal memory can store up to 64 Patches and with a memory card you can store another 64 Patches, allowing 128 Patches altogether.


A Patch can be named using up to 10 letters. A Patch Name is useful for finding a Patch quickly.

Step 1 – Push PATCH.
Step 2 – Push EDIT.

The Display shows the Patch Name with the cursor under the first letter.

Step 3

Using the PARAMETER/BAND ( ). move the cursor under the letter which you wish to change, then rewrite the letter with VALUE/NUMBER ( ).
Set a desired value.
Pushing PARAMETER/BANK ( ). moves the cursor to the right and ( ). moves to the left.
The letters which can be written with VALUE/NUMBER ( ). are:

Save Patch:

Save Write Patch Roland D-110

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