Roland D-110 Midi Setup

Roland D-110 Midi Setup

The MIDI channels of the connected devices should be set to the same number.
If the MIDI receive channel of the D-110 is not set correctly, MIDI messages sent from an external device cannot be received properly, therefore the D110 cannot be played as it should be.

The D-110 allows you to set a different Ml DI channel
for each Part.
If you wish to change them, do as follows.

Step 1. Push Part


Step 2.

Using PARAMETER/GROUP( [icon name=”chevron-up” prefix=”fas”] [icon name=”chevron-down” prefix=”fas”]). call the MIDI channel setting Display.

Step 3.

Using PART (See Below) select the Part whose MIDI channel you wish to change.

Step 4.

Using PARAMETER/BANK( [icon name=”chevron-up” prefix=”fas”] [icon name=”chevron-down” prefix=”fas”]). (See Above image ), VALUE/NUMBER ( See below), set the MIDI channel for the Part.

Roland D-110 Midi Setup
Pushing ( [icon name=”chevron-up” prefix=”fas”] ). increases the number, and ( [icon name=”chevron-up” prefix=”fas”] [icon name=”chevron-down” prefix=”fas”]).decreases it.
The PARAMETER/BANK(  [icon name=”chevron-down” prefix=”fas”]). ( See below) number will change in two steps.

Roland D-110 Midi Setup
* At OFF, MIDI messages are not received.
* When the D-110 receives MIDI messages from the controller unit, the MIDI Indicator will light up.

Push EXIT to return to Play mode.
* The MIDI channel you have set will be erased if you select a different Patch.
To retain the new channel you have set you will need to save the patch.

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