Roland D-110 How Does it Work Part 2

Roland D-110 Sound Module How Does it Work Part 2

Initial tour of the Roland D-110 Sound Module, how do we create sounds? The basics.

Part One Below:

D-110 Sound Module; How Does it Work? Part 1

The D-110, therefore, may be considered to be structured as shown below.

Roland D-110 Sound Module How Does it Work Part 2

In brief, Parts works like conventional MIDI sound modules, and Timbres like
Patches in a sound module.

4. Partials and the maximum Voices

The D-110 sound module can produce a maximum of 32 voices usjng 32 Partials at the same time.

  • A Partial is the smallest unit of a sound within the D-110.
  • A Tone consists one to four Partials for each voice.

A Tone made of only one Partial can be played using 32 voices

Tone using two Partials has 16 voices, and a Tone using four
Partials is 8 voice polyphonic.

It is very important that you have a full understanding of this concept.

This can be very tricky as several Tones can be involved at the same time.

Setting Up Midi


Roland D-110 Sound Module – How Does it Work?

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