Home Studio – Work Faster part 1

More speed cap’n!

You could get yourself a galley slave drummer to bang out a beat to inspire you to create quicker or mebbe you should change the way you work…

1 =>o>>> Create a template –

In Sonar I have a few templates that I work from.

For example:

“32 track Template”

8 Audio Tracks – In 1st folder * Verse

8 Audio Tracks – In 2nd folder * Chorus

8 Midi Tracks In 3rd folder ** Verse

8 Midi Tracks In 4th Folder ** Chorus

Video Guide to creating folders

Drum VST instrument already inserted and assigned to:

1 midi track in **verse folder and

1 midi track midi in **chorus folder

This allows me enough room to manouvre and change as I want but also gives me enough of the initial elements I needto get started.

You could add FX to audio tracks and your favourite goto synth plugin.

It’s up to you.


2 =>o>>> Get a Midi Controller –

Probably the best time saver there is – and your wrist will be grateful.

Get a dedicated midi controller with sliders and knobs(ooer) like the Korg NanoKONTROL or similar.

There’s something very pleasing about being able to twiddle knobs and push sliders rather than having to use a mouse.

They may take a bit of setting up but man it’s worth it.


3 =>o>>> Two Monitors –

Bit of an expensive one, but as someone who has done this in the past and wishes he had the room to do again, I can tell you it’s really the dog’s gonads.

Having to switch between a synth and DAW is a drag at times, having both up on screen not only looks cool, it saves time and your mind. Does need a second video output card though which is an arse but hey…



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