Audio Processing – Hog That CPU – UAD

If like me your CPU is shall we say a little on the outdated side then you’ll probably be looking at updating your pc.

But what if you don’t have the moola or like me you simply can’t.

===Hang you say, why can’t you

I can’t for a few reasons, serial and parallel ports are one reason.

PCI slots are another.

Most PCs these days come without serial and parallel ports and I have equipment that needs these to communicate with my software.

I know it’s antiquated but would be expesive to replace – I have a MOTU 128 express with a parallel port connection to replace that would cost me money.

So I’m stuck a new PC would cost me too much, so what do I do.


Well how about UAD cards?

With the new PCIe UAD cards coming out a lot of people are selling there old bog standard cards on ebay relatively cheap these days. The plugins are decently priced and sound brilliant.

The main bonus is that they have their own DSP chip so no load on the CPU.

Transfer of plugins is relatively easy but make sure the vendor knows or intends to do so.

For the price of a bog standard VST plugin you cand get yourself a DSP card and several plugins off ebay.

To be fair they fairly cheap at most online stores now as well.

Ebay is problematic but it also can lead to some cool bargains, it’s worth searching for UAD, Powercore and any other DSP card. EMU has a chip on most of their sound cards as well.

Do a bit of investigating and you’ll be suprised what’s out there.

Although I swear by the UAD.


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