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Workflow and Organisation in Reaper: Naming tracks, Icons and Colors

When creating large projects in Reaper it can get pretty confusing as to which track is which. To make thing easier can do a few things. Name the track – give it a descriptive name – i.e. Drums, Synth, Piano, Guitar We can also allocate an icon to a track. And we can give each […]

Reaper Tutorials: Track Templates – Workflow – Favourite Settings

One thing that I have found in reaper is that I spend a lot of time fiddling with setting up tracks. This can include routing midi or audio in and sometimes routing midi or audio out. This also applies to using a combination of FX plugins. Getting some templates together can save you a lot […]

Sonar Workflow Tips and Tricks: Track Template

Sick of having to name your tracks everytime you start a new project? A really nifty way to save time in Sonar is to create your own ‘Track Templates’. :::How::: Start a new project. Add a couple of tracks, name them if you want. Then selct the tracks you want to be in your template […]

Home Studio – Work Faster part 1

More speed cap’n! You could get yourself a galley slave drummer to bang out a beat to inspire you to create quicker or mebbe you should change the way you work… 1 =>o>>> Create a template – In Sonar I have a few templates that I work from. For example: “32 track Template” 8 Audio […]