Boss GT-8 and BWM 5 watt Chimp amp review

Boss GT-8 selection of Distortions and Overdrives and a Big White Monkey 5 watt Chimp amp.

Below are recordings of some of the more famous effects.

Basically mic’d up the Chimp as pictured below,

Volume set at,

Fender Telecaster fitted with Seymour Duncan bridge pickup,

(Amp shown in picture below is Fender Champion 600)

Again because the Boss GT-8 has a ridiculous amount of effects we decided to record just a selection of what we could without messing with the settings.

We used no reverb, compression or delay just Distortion or Overdrive.

The playing on these records veers from sensible to half arsed clownshoes style stunt guitar.

Please engage your sense of humour when listening.


60’s Muff

Muff Fuzz

Oct Fuzz


Heavy Metal

Metal Zone

Equipment Used:

Microphones – Shure SM57 and SM58.

Mixing Desk – Behringer Xenyx 1622.

Planet Waves guitar cables.

Fender Telecaster(mexican)

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