Electro Harmonix – Pulsar Audio Review

One of my all time favourite effects is the Tremelo effect, it’s very cool.
A few months I decided to dispense with my trusty Behringer guitar rack unit and get back into seperates.
The benefits are better control, less reliance on presets – hell it’s fun as well as getting some awesome sounds.
My favourite pedals have always been Electro Harmonix – they just sound so good.
Anyway this audio review is of the EHX Pulsar Variable Shape Analog Tremolo.
‘The Stereo Pulsar generates vintage tremolo and panning that will fill any venue with rhythmic stereo energy. Its Wave Form switch allows you to change the modulation from triangle to square form. The Wave Shape control allows you to control transitions from negative to positive saw tooth or adjust pulse width. This all means you can create any type of stereo tremolo from pure vintage to ones never heard before.’
Recordings have been made in the same recording scenario as previous recordings.
Fender Champion 600 Amp, Fender Telecaster fitted with Seymour Duncan bridge pickup.
Mic placement as pictured below,
Volume settings as below,
Amp placed on Stool at a height of between 9 and 12 inches from the floor – stool is in the middle of the room and the room is open plan.
Mic’s are Shure SM57 and SM58.
We’ve recorded a selection of settings to give an idea of how the pedal soounds.
To boost the signal a little we used it with the Double Muff pedal on single muff setting.
Each example will be preceded with a photo of the pedals settings.
Example 1: Shape switch to Saw
Example 2: Shape switch to Square
Example 3: Shape switch to Saw
Example 4: Shape switch to Square
Example 5: Shape switch to Saw
Example 6: Shape switch to Square

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