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ESI-32 – 1994 Essentially a cost reduction of the EIIIX sampler (EIII software ported to new hardware), this two rack space sampler broke the price barrier for high-quality sampling. Thirty-two voice polyphony, 32MB of RAM and a huge sound library made this E-MU’s best selling sampler of all time.

‘The ESI-32 is an excellent polyphonic sampler for any musician at any level. It offers all of the same sampler-type features and goodies that you would find in other Akai and Roland samplers. Its base model is perfect for anybody looking to get into sample-based music and is designed to grow and expand with you into a complete and professional sampler.’ – Taken from Vintage Synth Explorer


I own 2 Esi 32’s both are fully loaded with 32meg. And are fantastic.

They sound great, are fun to use and look cool(yeah I know, geek alert)

*Word of warning and some advice; If you intend buying make sure they have at least OS 3.0 installed – scsi transfer from Pc ‘WILL NOT WORK’ – if you have one you will have to buy discs or get scsi disks already loaded worse still pay for an upgrade ouch.

If you can get an Esi4000 or 2000 instead, they are OS 3.0 as standard.

If you want to transfer samples across you’ll also need a scsi card – adaptec seem to work best.

Be prepared though it can be tiresome work at first, and annoying if you don’t save regularly.

Honestly unless you really dig the idea of this, then don’t bother – stick to PC based sample software.

You’ll save money and time.

That said they do sound better than a software based sampler, warmer if that makes any sense.

And there is something very cool about making your own instruments on these things.

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ESI Win – PC software that allows connection with scsi drives and sampler*

Chicken Systems Translator – Not very good I’m afraid, works occasionally – supports the Emu like jelly supports a one legged man – I paid for it – not happy with the results. – You’ll see in the articles below I used it – but now I don’t – maybe it’s my pc but it blows 80% of the time.

Wavelab and Recycle(no links available- later versions don’t support scsi transfer) – Luckily for me I had old versions of both these software packages, and they work a treat for transferring samples across. Recyle 2.1 is best though allowing you to edit and place samples in desired locations on sampler. It is slow work but in my opinion worth the hassle.

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