The Mini ’57 Twin-Amp

Bought this neat little amp from Amazon two weeks ago, and it’s awesome for what I paid, just over £30.

Battery life, which was a concern, is excellent. Not had to change batteries yet and it’s been on 5 days a week, for at least 4 hours.

Sounds great and pumps out more volume than you’d expect. Worth the cash.

Messing with the volume an drive settings gave me some nice tones, especially using different guitars.

I have a semi acoustic that sounds really nice tuned to an open E chord for slide – plugged into the Mini with the volume on the guitar turned right down and the drive right up.

Similarly with my Fender Tele – Guitar Volume down to around 3 – neck pickup selected and tone to halfway – Amp Volume full and Drive halfway great tones on both guitars.

Not tried mic’ing up yet but intend to soon will post results when I have.


‘The Mini ’57 Twin-Amp captures the vibe of ‘50s era Fender®. For the player who can’t afford a real or reissue tweed amp, this lets them buy their piece of Fender history!

The Mini ’57 Twin is a super-cool little jammer with a realistic vintage visual vibe. The genuine tweed-covered wood cab contains built-in distortion; power, volume, and tone controls; plus one serious watt of power and 2 – 2″ speakers. A 9V power adapter jack can be used in place of the 9V battery.

Plug into the 1/4″ headphone jack to get genuinely cool tone for practicing or even use it as a line out to a power amp or recording gear.’

– Dolphin Music
Mini’57 Twin Amp

Fender ’57 Mini Twin Amp Features:

  • Super-realistic look
  • One watt
  • 2 – 2″ speakers
  • Tweed-covered wood cab
  • Built-in distortion
  • Power, volume, and tone controls
  • 9V power adapter jack
  • 1/4″ headphone jack

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