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Found this site – (found? probably wasn’t lost and has been around for a while, although I am new to it)


Anyway – I’ve been visiting it as a listener to see how it works.

Listeners can operate as a ‘scout’ – you listen to songs delivered at random.

Each song has to be listened to for at least 1 min before a written review can be entered.

Reviews have to hit a certain criteria, certain musical aspects have to be addressed and finally you score the track out of ten.

To be honest the rewards aren’t going to make you rich but there is satisfaction. You’re ranked and given a star rating.

The higher your rank the more you are rewarded.

Scores are based on how correct/inline with public opinion you are.

I enjoy it – as a listener it makes me listen differently as I do as a musician – as a musician I can give pertinent advice.

The cool thing is as you score bands you can influence wether that band will get the funds they need to progress.

Slicethepie enables you to shape and support the careers of your favourite new and established Artists.

We pay you to review and rate new Music in the Scout Rooms on Slicethepie – our A&R engine room.

The better you are at writing reviews and spotting talent the more you get paid.

Support your favourite Artists by investing in those that you think will be successful. This will entitle you to exclusive Artist access, your name on the album sleeve, a free copy of the album and a share in the in the financial returns from album and single sales.

Slicethepie is unique…it enables Artists to work directly with their Fans to create a professionally recorded album.

Join now, start Scouting, earn money and help yourself to a piece of the music industry…..’ – slicethepie – join now free

As an artist the feedback form my view be invaluable and also if you’re lucky you may get the financials to make a difference to your career.

Slicethepie is a financing platform for the music industry that enables new and established Artists to raise money directly from Music Fans and Investors.

As a financed Artist, you get to keep 100% of your copyright and publishing rights and will only pay a small (25p per track) royalty from your single and album sales for a 2 year period. Plus all the money you receive is non-recoupable.

To raise finance you must first qualify for a Showcase. There are two ways to get there:

  • Receive high ratings from Music Fans in the Scout Rooms; or
  • Demonstrate you have enough genuine Fans who want to finance you on Slicethepie

Once in a Showcase Artists must raise a minimum of £15,000.

Even if you do not reach a Showcase, you are guaranteed dozens of genuine, objective reviews of you Music from Music Fans all over the world.

Sound interesting? Join for free now….’ – slicethepie


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