Notes on the ‘A’ string

This article deals with the notes on the guitar and not why you should learn them.  Why learn notes on the guitar?

Notes on the ‘A’ string:

What are the notes on the 'A' string?

Sharp notes on the ‘A’ string.

Sharp notes on the A string

Flats on the ‘A’ string.

Where are flat notes on the 'A' string of a guitar

Understanding that:

A# = Bb

C# = Db

D# = Eb

F# = Gb

G# = Ab

By playing barre chords, powerchords and scale patterns using these notes as your starting point gives your the ‘root’ of whatever you are trying to play.


The following barre chord played on the 5th fret of the ‘A’ string would give you a ‘D Major’ chord.

Major Barre Chord

If you replace the above shape with the minor version shown below(also played at the 5th fret),

you will have a ‘D Minor’ chord.

Minor Barre Chord - A string as root note

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