Magic Blanket Recordings: Relaxing Motions

Untidy Music is happy to present the first recording by Magic Blanket Recordings.

Relaxing Motions – A Calmer You is a collection of three tracks written & recorded with relaxation, meditation and massage in mind.

Each track is around 25 minutes each making the overall collection a good 75 minutes.

Each track is £1.75 each

If you buy the full collection of three tracks you can get them all for under £3.50 by entering this code ‘3B332A0E56’


Magic Blanket Recordings – Relaxing Motions – A Calmer You

Relaxing Motions is music designed to calm, relax and release tension.

Written for massage these three tracks are perfect for relaxation, meditation or just simply blanking out the world and returning the listeners equilibrium.

Relaxing Motions has been used in holistic therapy treatments and in relaxing moments to calm and soothe the listener.

Each track is around 25 minutes.

The three tracks available to buy here have been specifically recorded using the same key and tempo so as to maintain a relaxing atmosphere.

Relaxing Motions – A Calmer You

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