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Render Track – Reaper – Beginners Lesson 3

Quick and simple lessons on how to use Reaper. Basic lesson 3 – Render. When you’ve finished recording your track/tracks in reaper and you’ve mixed you can render the project. Unless you’ve got lame installed to work with Reaper you will probably need to render to wav and then use another peice of software to […]

Render / Freeze Track Reaper

To render a vst instrument or effect in Reaper frees up your CPU resources. To render or ‘freeze’ your track: choose TRACK and you will see two render options The above picture shows the ‘Stereo’ stem render option. The above picture shows the ‘Mono’ stem render option. Sometimes too many VST’s can clog up your […]

Emu 0404 PCI and Sonar Mixdown Problem

And we’re back, from outta space yes I just walked in with this sad look upon my face… Argghh EMU you have been so kind in the past why do you mock me so? STOP!!! Breathe… Feel better? Nope. Why so sad? Well it all began a few weeks ago, ebay + curiosity + £30 […]