Black screen GUI IK Multimedia VST plugins Remote Desktop

Black screen GUI IK Multimedia VST plugins Remote Desktop

An issue that I came across recently was certain vst plugins not rendering their guis properly under Reaper. Instead I was left with  black screen.

This started after I removed my graphics card and decided to revert to tthe onboard HD4000 video controller.

I didn’t forsee an issue as I was going to be logging in via remote desktop.

This is where the issue started, certain IK Multimedia plugins where going black screen. A few othert plugins had rendering issues as well Dragofly Reverb plugins being the ones that I had issues with.

From a guess it would seem to be an issue with Open GL.

A search on google threw up lots of solutions, none of which worked so I ended up reverting back to my graphics card which unfortunately means that a pcie slot I wanted to use for a UAD card is now blocked. The solution seems to be this item:

Nagoyuki PCIE X1 Riser Cable Dual 90 Degree Right Angle PCIe 3.0 X1 to X1 Extension Cable 8Gbps PCI Express 1X Riser Card 20cm via @amazon

We’ll see tomorrow.

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